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The Brazilian Doberman Pinscher National 2017

The Brazilian Doberman Pinscher National 2017

By Adrian Woodfork

The Frank Sinatra classic, “Love is lovelier the second time around” is the perfect description of my return to judge the Brazilian Doberman National. The setting was an old serene all-inclusive resort about an hour from Sao Paulo. The overcast sky made for great weather for the dogs and attendees, but most especially me. As usual, the hospitality was superb and it was made all the better by the assigned guide/interpreter Mariana Marques. Mariana was there every step of the way to explain and clarify everything I needed to know…even about the incredible cuisine. I ate amongst the exhibitors each day and always felt comfortably welcomed.

After resting two days from the 14 hour flight, it was time to get down to the business of judging Dobermans. Entries came from all over Brazil and several other South American countries. I found the handlers to be exceptional and very polite… win or lose. But, what I truly loved the most was the enthusiasm of the crowd. Oh my, they really made the whole experience exhilarating. The energy in the air was contagious and exciting. Of course, wonderful music added to the festive mood. Plain and simple, it was fun, fun, fun! Just ask the dogs!

Through all of the excitement I was able to find some beautiful Dobermans to write home about. My final came down to a dog and bitch, both of equal quality conformation-wise but the movement of the male was the deciding factor. I was impressed with the beautiful head pieces, of most the entries. The dark almond-shaped eyes were evident in every class. It was wonderful to see the dogs shown in good muscle tone. The temperaments were exceptional. I have say that the showmanship was a testament to the training and dedication of the breeders and handlers. A true showcase of this magnificent breed. These ladies and gentlemen are good! In the end, it was Ch. Double D Paint Black* that won my vote for Best in Show. Bred and owned by Daniel Beloff and Osvaldo Longinotto and expertly handled by Miguel Vera. Best opposite went to the gorgeous Ch. Baden Baden Zenyatta.

Sometimes I wonder about the future of dog shows in America with the decline in entries, most especially Dobermans. But, judging from the excitement and enthusiasm exhibited by the Doberman fanciers in Brazil the sport is in good shape there. I want to express much gratitude to Jose Aires and the Brazilian Dobermann Pinscher Club show committee for the excellent effort put forth to showcase this wonderful breed. Also, a special thanks photographer Marco Flavio Botelho for the beautiful images he allowed me to use for this story. Finally, many thanks to Brazilian National Dobermann Club for inviting me to come back to Brazil the judge their beautiful Dobermans. Just like the line in the classic song “Brazil”…

“…there’s one thing I’m certain of, return I will, to ole Brazil.” (Hopefully)