Top 10 All Breed Statistics

For shows from January 1, 2020 through December 31, 2020

1GCHG Protocol’s I Came I Saw I Sparkled (B)BJ & K Mullins218272417007
2GCHS Wendorf’s One’Der Boy V Ruler (D)DM. & S. Gelinas, J. Wendt, H. Zimmerman061183484686
3GCHB Jager’s Perfectly Designed For Silhouette (B)BJ. Cates, P. Croley03612272488
4GCHG Sharjets Catch A Hero, WAC RATN CGCA TKN (D)DG. Goode, M. Rockey, G. Hanna, S. Marinelli01241271972
5GCHG Protocol’s To The Victor Go The Spoils, CAA (D)DJ. & K. Mullins02112191931
6GCHG Pengwen’s Southernwind Trojan War Triumph, CD GN RA NA CGCA TKI ROM (D)BK. Backues03381311805
7GCHG Holly Woods Vengeance N Seven Days (B)BD. McGarvey, M. Thomas02201171447
8GCHS Carosel V Epic Saturday Night Special, WAC CGC (B)BE. & L. Glofka02214141413
9GCHG Protocol’s Every Little Thng She Does Is Magic, CAA (B)DM. & K. Moriarty, J. & K. Mullins0221051157
10GCH Auarius The Legend Continues AlCherBA. McKenzie, T. Stone, C. Green0140191116