DPCA Top 20 Conformation

2020 DPCA statistics for events from May 1, 2019 through February 29, 2020.

*Since there is one previous Top 20 winner in this list, the top 21 will be eligible to compete at the end of the year.

RankDog NameOwner(s)Total BOBTotal Defeated
1GCHG Protocol’s To The Victor Go The Spoils, CAA (D)K. Kato, J. & K. Mullins1042537
2GCHG Protocol’s I Came I Saw I Sparkled, CA (B)C. Austin, J & K Mullins701803
3GCHP Foxfire’s Alltimate Wanna Be (D)T. & K. MacKenzie661477
4GCHG Protocol’s Every Little Thng She Does Is Magic, CAA (B)M. & K. Moriarty, J. & K. Mullins581387
5GCHG Schohaus Let The Sunshine In (B) *J. & L. Schoeneman, W Kerr521145
6GCHG Holly Woods Vengeance N’ Seven Days (B)M. Michael, D. McGarvey, M. Thomas611087
7GCHS Pengwen’s Southernwind Trojan War Triumph, CD GN RA NA CGCA TKI ROM (D)K. Backues49807
8GCHS Carosel V Epic Saturday Night Special, WAC CGC (B)E. & L. Glofka33710
9GCHS Sharjets Catch A Hero (D)G. Goode, M. Rockey, G. Hanna, S. Marinelli25651
10GCHS Mirabel Endless Love, BCAT CGC TKN (B)M. Kramer, J. Lauver13441
11GCHG Rendition’s Diamonds Are Forever, CGC TKN (B)K. & L. Taylor21420
12GCHG Jaroe I’m A Frozen Cool Dude (D)L. Planque, R. Kelly36414
13GCHS Vondura’s Let’s Go Crazy (D)K. & M. Schmidt, K. & S. Fox22399
14GCHG Starline’s Given It Full Throttle (D)R. Solliday14364
15GCHS Belz Catch My Breath (B)S. Teague, K. Belzowski, J. Medina19351
16GCHS Pennylane Ole Time Style v. Synergy (B)R. & J. Kusumoto, M. Latham, L. Burroff18332
17GCHB Foxfire’s She’s Super Hot (B)M. Santana13319
18GCHB Holmrun’s Outlander Esquire (D)F. & D. Sparagna24280
19GCHB Trejac’s In Style And Rhythm (B)J. Brothers15277
20GCHS Narada’s Ezri Dax Cedar Knoll Gallant Ciden, WAC (B)E. Fox, D. Jensen21271
21GCHB Abendrot’s Red White And Boom (D)K. & K. Howard, J. Dupre3260