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The Doberman Network publishes three issues per year, with magazines mailed in April and September. All AKC judges who are licensed for Dobermans, the Working Group and Best in Show, who request the magazine, will be sent a complimentary subscription.

The Doberman Network is distributed at Doberman Pinscher specialty shows, Working Group shows, and select all breed shows across the United States and at select Doberman Pinscher specialty shows in Canada.

Spring 2024

On the cover: CH Rahdy’s Only Devils Left “Dutton Owned by George Salibi & the Goldfeins

In this issue:

  • 8th annual stud dog issue and stud dog directory
  • Joanne’s Workshop
  • A study on prostatic disease

Winter 2024

On the cover: 2023 DPCA National Winner, CH Ledgewind’s Forget Me Not “Riley” owned by Vonal Curran

In this issue:

  • 15 Tips on Winning Gracefully
  • Keeping your dog safe at Christmas
  • An update on the DCM study by Casey Knox DVM
  • Results of the Regional and National

Fall 2023

On the cover: GCHG Seraphin Most Valuable Player V Alisaton “Peyton” owned by Karen Mundy, Diane Schmitt, Carissa Shimpeno and Gwen DeMilta

In this issue:

  • Vaccine Reactions by W. Jean Dodds
  • The History of Route 66
  • Most Popular Dog Names of 2022
  • How Changes in Weather Can Affect Your Dog’s mood

April 2023

On the Cover: GCHS Dreamchaser’s Midnight Teller v. Ciden Alisaton
“Teller” owned by Cindi Huckfeldt, Chris & Linda Hinkle

In this issue:

  • Choosing a Stud Dog
  • Stud Dogs & Hot Weather Breeding
  • Planning a Frozen Semen Breeding
  • Prostatic Disease
  • Inbred, Linebred or Outcrossed
  • Joanne’s Workshop
  • 2023 Stud Dog Directory


February 2023

On the Cover: Velo v. Phillmar Makers Mark @ Kandu
Owned by Mary Klein, Alison McDonald & Philip Martin

In this issue:

  • Owner Handler: Force or Farce
  • Foxfire Dobermans: Establishing a Family in Dogs
  • Joanne’s Workshop: Tricks or Treat

December 2022

On the cover: GCHG AlCher TMAC Witchcraft v. Gentry “Wicked” – Owned by Cheryl Green & Tony MacKenzie

In this issue:

  • Summary of results from the 2022 DPCA National
  • Objectivity in Breeding
  • Joanne’s Workshop: Communication with your dog
  • Longevity: Why Some Breeds & Owners Live Longer

October 2022

On the Cover: GCH Sharjets Clark Gable, CD ROM owned by Gabby Hanna, Marcy Feller & Sharon Marinelli

In this issue:

  • Top 20 dogs for conformation, agility, obedience and NOHS
  • Money Saving Tips for Pet Owners
  • 8 Myths about dog food
  • Joanne’s Workshop
  • Breeder & Handler showcases
  • Interview with Mona Fasth DVM & Cindi Huckfeldt, PHA

August 2022

On the cover: GCH Rich’-Lie’s Mystic Nymph “Gazelle”, owned by Jean Field-Miller and Carolyn Churton-Jobin

In this issue:

  • Q & A on puppy weaning
  • Joanne’s Workshop, revisiting the dumbbell retrieve.
  • 2022 DPCA National schedule of events and judging panel.
  • Poisonous Pills

June 2022

On the Cover: Am/Arg CH Deband’s Zhavia

In this issue:

  • Beautiful Bitches
  • The First Five Years of the Doberman Network
  • Joanne’s Workshop
  • Why Dogs Eat Grass

April 2022

On the Cover: CH Foxfire’s Wait’n To Rock Your World
“Hans”, owned by Bobby Perez, Miguel Franco and Michelle Santana

In this issue:

  • What is a Stud Dog?
  • The Power of a Pedigree
  • Canine Semen Evaluation
  • 2022 Stud Dog Directory

December 2021

On the Cover: GCHS Mariah’s Absence of Malice Mi Casa, “Sully” – Winner of the 2021 DPCA National Specialty – Owned by Mark Bigham & Tina Marshall

In this issue:

  • Coverage of the 2021 National Specialty
  • The DN 2021 Top 20 Gala
  • Joanne’s Workshop
  • Color and the Folklore Myths that surround It

October 2021

On the Cover: GCHG Aquarius The Legend Continues AlCher
Owned by: Tony MacKenzie, Cheryl Green & Timothy Stone

In this issue:

  • Breeders & Handlers sections
  • The Dog Show Jungle
  • Story of Rena’ssance Dobermans
  • Stage Fright
  • DCM Update

August 2021

On the cover: Raindance Touched By An Angel Dikran
Owned by Harry Papazian, Susan James & Chelsea James

In this issue:

  • Second annual Rising Stars contest
  • Litter Size & The Singleton Puppy
  • Puppy Food: Is It Too Rich?
  • Fading Puppy Syndrome

June 2021

On the cover:

  • GCH Rich-Lie’s Mystic Nymph “Gazelle”
  • Owned by Jeanne Field Miller and Carolyn Churton Jobin

In this issue:

  • Showcasing Beautiful Bitches
  • Care of the Brood Bitch
  • Parvovirus Vaccines & Variants

April 2021

On the Cover: GCHG Sharjet’s Catch a Hero
Owned by Gina Goode, Mike Rockey, Gabby Hanna & Sharon Marinelli

In this issue:

  • 2021 Stud Dog Directory
  • Memorial & Tribute to Jim Briley of Aquarius Dobermans
  • Remembering Bravo

February 2021

On the cover: Foxfire Dobermans showcases its six MACH Dobermans

In this issue:

  • Dual, Triple & Quintuple Champions
  • Search & Rescue
  • Working Dobermans by Julie Stade
  • Setting Goals by Juanita Fagan

December 2020

On the Cover:
GCHS Wendorf’s One’Der Boy V Ruler “Dezperado”, owned by Mike & Sandy Gelinas, Jacqui Wendy & Hillary Zimmerman

In this Issue:

  • Data on DPCA’s Longevity Program
  • Management of Degenerative Conditions in Geriatric Dogs
  • Let’s Square Off
  • DN’s 2020 Halloween Contest Winners

October 2020

On the cover – GCHG Sharjets Catch A Hero “Kent

In this issue:

  • DPCA 2020 Top 20 Finalists
  • Story of Holly Woods Dobermans
  • Handler’s edition

August 2020

On the cover: GCH Emerald’s Special Effects @ Miramax
Owned by Gail Hartley & Cathy Ceely

In this issue:

  • 2020 Rising Stars contestantsIn memory of Bunny Lanning
  • Joanne’s Workshop – Competition through Games

June 2020

On the cover: GCHS Pennylane Old Time Style V Synergy
Owned by Roy & Jo-Ann Kusumoto, Molly Latham & Lisa Burroff

In this issue:
Mothers & Daughters in Dobermans
Judge’s Education: Finding Breed Type
Digging in the Garden


April 2020

In this issue:

  • 2020 Stud Dog Direcotry
  • Prostatic Disease in Dogs
  • What to expect when you collect
  • Remembering GCHG Phillmar Superman & GCHG Tiburon Arsenal

February 2020

On the Cover: GCHS Pengwen’s Southernwind Trojan War Triumph, CD GN RA NA CGCA ROM “Ajax”, owned by Kay Backues DVM

In this issue:

  • The Nose Knows by Sue Lynch
  • Schutzhund in America by Julie Stade
  • Celebration of Cumulative ROM Breeders

October 2019

On the cover: GCHG Protocol’s To The Victor Go The Spoils, CAA “Bravo”, owned by Kenichi Kato, bred & co-owned by Jocelyn & Kevin Mullins
In this issue:

  • History of the DPCA Top 20 events
  • 2019 DPCA Top 20 Finalists
  • Ruby the Instagram Wonder
  • Joanne’s Workshop: How to prepare for Top 20 competition

August 2019

On the cover: GCHS Van Orman’s Dream On “Lizzee”, owned by the Claggett family

In this issue:
About the judges for 2019 DPCA National
Raising Achiever puppies
Addox Dobermans by Adrian Woodfork
Allettare Dobermans by Angela Ferrari


June 2019

On the cover: GCh Carosel v. Epic Saturday Night Special, CGC WAC “Liberty”, owned by Eric & Lynda Glofka

Also in this issue:
DPCA Legacy Bitches
Doberman Pinscher Club of Mexico National Week
Acupuncture for Thunderstorms


April 2019

On the cover:
GCHP Foxfire’s Alltimate Wanna Be “Julius” owned by Tony & Kim MacKenzie

In this Issue:

  • In Memory of Mary M. Rodgers
  • Sires of Influence
  • Puppy Contracts
  • The DPCA WAE
  • 2019 Stud Dog Director

February 2019

On the cover
Protocol’s I Came I Saw I Sparkled, owned by Carolyn Austin, Jocelyn & Kevin Mullins

In this Issue:

  • Navigating the Dog Show Jungle
  • How to Hire a Handler
  • Great Expectations in Performance

December 2018

On the Cover: GCHP Protocol’s Veni Vidi Vici, Owned by Jocelyn & Kevin Mullins

In this issue:

  • Full results from 2018 DPCA National week
  • History of DPCA National BOB winners
  • The Gut & The Immune System
  • Rule Changes in Obedience

October 2018

On the cover: Four Generations of Alisaton Dobermans: Joanne Satalino, Gwen Satalino DeMilta, Carissa DeMilta Shimpeno & Anabella Shimpeno

In this issue:

  • Fungal Diseases are Everywhere
  • History of the Doberman Pinscher
  • 2018 Top 20 Finalists
  • Story of Pat & Judy Doniere’s Toledobes Dobermans

August 2018

On the Cover: GCH Kani’s Reminiscing of Wilken v. ShoMe, owned by S. Williams, K. Horniman & T. Lane

In this issue:

  • Grading Puppies
  • Honoring Moe Miyagawa
  • Q & A with the 2018 DPCA National Judges

June 2018

On the cover: GCHS Van Orman’s HK Delta Dagger v. Suntana, CAA DS WAC owned by Nancy Troyer & Ashlee Claggett

In this issue:

  • DPCA Brood Bitch class winners from 1959 to present
  • Breeding & Heredity

April 2018

On the cover: GCHS Kettle Cove N Ashtrick St. Elmo’s Fire

In this issue:

  • Stud Dog Issue featuring:
  • The breed’s top producing sires
  • Stud Dog Directory listings
  • Ch Marienburg Sunhawk, CD
  • Ch Tolivar’s Boo Radley Dob Mann

February 2018

On the Cover – GCHS Cadillac Cocoa butter Kisses RN FDC CA BCAT RATN CGC TKN

In this issue

  • Understanding Doberman DNA, Part III
  • Flyball
  • Dock Diving
  • Barn Hunt
  • History of the DPCA’s WAE & ROM programs
  • Dobermans who have won big in the Big Apple

December 2017

On the Cover – CH Fullmetal Fury von Jahrestal, BH MX MXJ ROM

In this issue

  • Understanding Doberman DNA, Part II
  • Joanne’s Workshop: The Fear Aggressive Dog
  • IKONS Dobermans
  • Complete results from the DPCA Regional & National Specialties

October 2017

On the Cover – GCH Denmar’s Easy-Breezy Covergirl

In this issue

  • Rahdy Dobermans
  • Highlight on Ashlee Claggett
  • In memory of Guiness
  • Surf’s Up!

August 2017

On the Cover – GCH Traditions Javier Esposito

In this issue:

  • DPCA Futurity Feature
  • Mona Fasth DVM’s Tour of Duty
  • Remembering Boss
  • Puppy Training articles

June 2017

On the Cover – GCH Velo’s Paloma Picasso v. Vision

In this issue:

  • Foundation Bitch Project
  • BellaCane Dobermans
  • Wingate’s Miss Moneypenny
  • Love Does Not Fix Aggression

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