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Amy’s Attitude: June 2019

It is hard to believe we are embarking on our third year of The Doberman Network...

Amy’s Attitude: June 2019

It is hard to believe we are embarking on our third year of The Doberman Network. What an exciting and fulfilling journey this has been, and we look forward to bringing you many more years of great content and exciting features.

It was fitting that two years ago we began with a Foundation Bitch feature to launch the foundation of our magazine. In this issue we celebrate the Legacy Bitch award recipients and hope that our magazine leaves a legacy much as these outstanding producers have done for their breeders. Afterall, the power of a pedigree lies in its maternal side.

One thing I have learned throughout the years and throughout our litters is that a beautiful bitch who can produce her virtues is not to be taken for granted. When you need a stud dog to simply compliment your bitch or give her a little boost, it can make everything easier. Naturally, knowledge of your bitch and the sire is required to make wise breeding decisions. There’s also an element of luck and even some flukes (good and bad), but my point is that a strong bitch line can take a breeder and a bloodline to the top very quickly.

We have all seen bitches who can produce regardless of the sire used. Top producers like Ch. Alisaton Kinderwicke, Ch. Florowill Bit of Magic and Ch. Moraga Hills High Fashion certainly proved this, and their influence is strong generations later in their breeders’ current Dobermans. It should be every true breeder’s dream to have a great bitch who provides you with quality specimens to take you into the next generation.

Many years ago, there was a breeder who produced some Champion Dobermans. Her animals struggled to finish, but with the right formula of handlers, judges and competition, they managed. The breeder continually sought top stud dogs and was turned down because her bitches were not of high quality. Finally, one of the stud dog owners offered to sell this breeder a great bitch by the sire who was being sought. Guess what? The breeder turned down the opportunity and continued to produce mediocre animals for decades.

Stud dogs can only offer so much. Even the great ones produce faults and cannot make gold from straw. Do not ignore the quality, or lack thereof, in your bitches! You must be prepared to walk away from those who produce poorly in temperament, health or structure, and conversely be prepared to embrace those who do their greatest service in the whelping box.

We are fortunate to have a breed with outstanding educational resources and many knowledgeable and experienced breeders who are willing to share their wisdom. If you are having difficulty finding the right sire for your bitch, consult people who you respect. Identify one or two breeders who produce the look you want to achieve, and work with them. In most cases, they will be very happy to help you find the right combination for your bitch, and it may be a dog you’ve never heard of. This isn’t a bad thing!

Breeding is not for the faint of heart, but having the right bitch can definitely make things easier. A great producer, easy whelper and wonderful mother takes much of the stress away. Wishing all of you all the best in your breeding journey.