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Amy’s Attitude: June 2022

Amy’s Attitude: June 2022

A little more than five years ago, I got the call from the late Joe McGinnis (editor-in-chief and publisher of the Doll-McGinnis magazines, which included the Doberman Digest) that he was going to be selling all of the magazines and their publishing rights to another corporation. As much as I loved working for Joe and his partner, Duane Doll, there was no possible way I could move forward with a new owner. I cried to Joe, literally. I had worked more than a decade for him and loved what I did. I wanted desperately to continue to provide the Doberman community with a print magazine, but I knew I couldn’t do it under the guidance of the incoming owner.

With a little push and a big vote of confidence from Joe, I broke away and launched The Doberman Network. From day one, and through every issue of the first five years, we have had the same core of people working to bring you this magazine six times per year. That core has been my husband Greg McLogan who sends out the advertising proofs, Karen Lejeune and Michaela Bradley who are our two main ad designers, Leslie Hall who provides the artistic vision, Theresa Lyons who prepares much of the editorial layout and Elizabeth Barrett who, until this issue, was our sales representative. We now add Christine Tartar who has gotten her feet wet with this issue and will be our lead sales person moving forward.

Of course none of this would have been possible without the immediate outpouring of support from the Doberman community. We are a tight-knit family, and I cannot thank you enough for your trust and loyalty from the minute we announced the inception of this magazine.

For this issue, I wanted to do a summary of what the first five years of the Doberman Network have represented. When our group embarked on this journey, we weren’t quite sure how we could reinvent breed specific print media. With some serious brainstorming and bouncing ideas around, we came up with a way to incorporate the past into the present, doing comprehensive features on DPCA National winners, Top 20 winners, Westminster winners, Brood Bitches, Stud Dogs, Futurity and more!

Of course, the COVID pandemic taught us to dig deep into our creative side of the brain, so we concocted the Rising Stars contest and never missed an issue! And we aren’t done yet! We will continue our hard work to make sure you all look forward to receiving each and every issue of The Doberman Network.

On the following pages, we have assembled each of the 30 prior front covers of this publication. Following those you will find select pages from past issues that provide a brief synopsis of the content we have provided in our first five years.

I hope you enjoy the trip down memory lane as much as I did, and I speak for everyone here in saying that we look forward to five more years of serving the Doberman community.